I received a Fellowship through the American Association for the Advancement of Science to write for Scientific American at their Manhattan offices in summer 2016, an incredible experience I wrote about here. While there I wrote the following articles:

Lightning Strikes are a Big Problem for Wind Turbines (In the December 2016 magazine under the title “Surge Protector”)

How the Man in the Moon Got His Enormous Right Eye (In the November 2016 magazine under the title “Lunar Landscaping”)

Are We Reaching the End of World Records? (Published 8/5/16)sciam

No One Wins Gold for Practicing the Most (Published 8/5/16)

Stop and Smell the Flowers–But Be Ready to Gag (Published 7/29/16)

Teaching Science with a Typewriter: How an outdated technology can turn kids on to learning about STEM concepts through narrative (Published 7/28/16)

Are Robots Still Just “Tools” When They Are Used to Kill? (Published 7/8/16)

Swordfish Grease Themselves to Cut through Water (Published 7/7/16)

Top U.S. Science Organizations Hammer Congress on Climate Change—Again (Published 7/1/16)

Why the Science Community Says No to Brexit (Interview with British Lord Paul Drayson, PhD, published 6/22/16)